The Facility

Can anybody enter?
Reservations are not necessary. Anybody can enter without an admission fee.
However, due to disease prevention measures and safety concerns, we may restrict entry depending on the number of visitors inside the facility. We appreciate your understanding.
Please tell us what items and activities are prohibited inside the facility.
The following items and activities are prohibited

Pets and animals (with the exception of assistance dogs)
Food and beverage items that cannot be stored inside your luggage
Wet umbrellas and rain gear
Blades, explosives, weapons (including imitation weapons), and other items deemed hazardous by the public
Additional items that may cause harm or discomfort to other visitors

Eating, drinking (including alcoholic beverages), and smoking inside the facility
Unauthorized photography, recording, and live streaming for commercial purposes
Use of large tripods and selfie sticks
Additional activities that disturb other visitors and staff members
Threats, physical violence, vandalism, and additional activities against public order
Entry into forbidden areas
Please tell us your operating hours.
Weekdays 10:00 – 17:00(last entry: 16:00)
Weekends & National Holidays 10:00 – 18:00(last entry: 17:00)
Please tell us when you are closed.
We are closed every Tuesday, Friday, throughout the New Year holiday season, and days when facility inspection is held (as needed).
How long does it take to look around the entire exhibit?
While it depends on the individual, it takes approximately 30 to 50 minutes.
Are there smoking areas inside the facility?
Smoking is prohibited inside the entire facility.
Are there any services for visitors with babies?
We do not have nursing rooms or rental strollers available. Please ask a staff member regarding diaper changing.


Is there a parking lot available for cars or bicycles?
There is no parking lot available for cars or bicycles. Please use public transportation.
Where is the nearest train station from the facility?
We are in 1 minute walking distance from Exit 2 of the Minatomirai Line “Shin takashima” Station.

The Experience

Can elementary school students enjoy the exhibit?
Our experience is not complicated, and can be fully enjoyed by elementary school students.
Can we receive anything as a souvenir when we visit?
You may take home the postcard that you have created, as well as an original sticker of the specific country that you have experienced at one of our activities.
Is multilingual assistance available?
We can communicate via a smartphone translation app, or guide you with a communication board.

Services For Visitors With Disabilities

Do you rent out wheelchairs?
We do not provide rental wheelchairs.
Are there parking spaces available for visitors with disabilities?
There is no parking lot for available visitors. Please use the nearest available general parking lot.
Please tell us your measures for accessibility.
We have writing boards available.
There are no steps or stairways inside the facility (for staging purposes, certain locations include dimmed lights and narrow passageways)
A multi purpose restroom is available within the building.


May we enter for journalistic purposes
Please contact us beforehand. We will respond separately after looking through the provided information.
May we use the facility for filming, photoshoots, and events?
Please contact us beforehand. We will respond separately after looking through the provided information.
What are your infection control measures?
We are responding to the latest information in accordance with the Japanese government policy.
In addition, hand sanitizer is available for use at the gallery.